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FW 18/19 collection „Here comes“

Our brand, Apocalypto kids, represents kids who love to stand out, love to be different and love to make a statement with their wardrobe. Kids who love to play with our eye-catching pieces have their own strong views and understandings. They are not afraid to sharetheir vision, their dreams and makethemselvesheard.
Our apparels for children and teenagers aged 4-16 inspire to be more creative, to live a colourful life and most importantly encourage to stand out. Strong colours, smashing details, remarkable fabrics are the words to describe Apocalypto kids. We love tassels, beads and spangles – all that in an urban and modern way. We mix street style with high fashion elements. Wetreatourbrandasanadultsbrand.
Beside strong visual identity, it is important for us to use natural materials such as silk and organic raw materials with a GOTS certificate and our production is based locally in North Europe. Also, all our garments we use are produced in Europe. High quality is just as important as our eyecatchingpieces.
And as IrisApfel once said: „ More is more and lessis a bore“. We couldn't agreemore!
APOCALYPTO KIDS founder and creative director Sandra Ojamäe